Sewer billing

Dear editor:

People in charge, counsel, mayor, and who ever else decided to change the city of Warren sewer billing really got it wrong this time.

Billing landlords directly for a tenant’s usage of a utility. With the tenant not getting a bill at all. If a tenant got behind in their sewer bill, I as a landlord got a notice from Pennsylvania municipal service PAMS and told the tenant that they would have to get it caught up.

If there was a balance when tenant moved, I as the landlord would be required to pay the balance. If I or any other landlord didn’t pay the bill, the city would put a lein on the property and when the landlord would sell the city would get the amount owed plus interest and fee’s would be paid.

So the bills are getting paid at some point, might not be immediately, but they get paid in full plus. This city is trying to make the landlord the strong-arm to collect their bills. Many tenants may not like this because of privacy. I suspect they want to help pay for the new sewer treatment plant work going on now.

Many unhappy landlords now in the city to go along with the messy parking situation downtown area.

John Kelnick