School board

Dear editor:

What is problematic with the recent Times Observer report on transferring is the data provided from the School District. One has to wonder how cherry picked it is. Why not be honest with the people the Board purports to serve?

Now that would be a novel idea for this Board which regularly goes into elongated executive sessions in the middle of public meetings hoping that people get tired and leave before the weighty, substantive issues are discussed on the floor. Put a report out there that gives the Public five to ten years of transfer data with some specifics, leaving names and any other identifiable information off the report.

Remember, if not for the Times Observer we’d still be all thinking that the previous superintendent left because he missed his family. We all learned later that this Board was purposeful and calculated in their attempt to cover up the real reasons for his departure.

How does having the superintendent personally deciding who gets the magic wand waved over them and who doesn’t ensure equal treatment of the public? What are the parameters in place to guide him in his decision? Well it appears we’ll never know and that, I believe, isn’t through happenstance but more through conscious design of the process.

How can we be sure that Mr. Company Owner won’t get the wink and nod to allow his kids to choose the school of their choice while the folks down at the trailer park will be summarily dismissed?

The problem is we can’t because this school board consistently comes up short in allowing anyone to develop any confidence or trust in their actions. Come on, we all know what’s really going on here. There are certain representatives who want to punish students from schools they wanted to close by taking the stance that “they wanted those schools so now they can stay in them” which conveniently converges with some of the rural members who want to lessen the bleed of their smaller student populations.

The important point here is that the school board president and most of the board long ago lost our confidence; the new superintendent hasn’t yet, and it will be his choice if he desires to head down the same tired path or pick a better road.

Daniel Harrigan