School prep is ‘fast and furious’

The Warren County School District is going “fast and furious” preparing for the upcoming school year, according to Superintendent Dr. William Clark.

He said that because of ongoing construction, they have to make sure the buildings are up and running.

There are no issues at either Warren Area High School or Warren Area Elementary Center, and he said there shouldn’t be any issues with transportation.

Because of weather-related construction delays at Sheffield, students at Allegheny Valley Elementary School in Clarendon will remain there until the semester break.

Citing a letter from the architect, Dr. Norbert Kennerknecht, the district’s director of buildings and grounds, said last April that unfavorable weather conditions and the low temperatures of this past winter have resulted in the architects advocating for the “suspension of work due to unfavorable conditions” at the site.

“We are still in a state of flux, but things will be accomplished,” he said. “We are monitoring the elementary schools (for class sizes) because that’s were bubbles hit. Kindergarten is usually where we see the fluctuations.”