Sewer bills

Dear editor:

I think the City of Warren’s new policy of billing the landlord even if your tenant has a legitimate sewer account is dumb. Almost on par with the parking fiasco. Of course we landlords know that we will be responsible for paying a delinquent bill left by a tenant. That has always been the case. Now you are forcing us to have to pay on behalf of those who are already paying like they are supposed to.

Did anyone on City Council or in the City Manager’s office stop to think of how confusing those bills from PA Municipal Service Company are? Maybe if those bills clearly showed the last payments being applied to the right date, tenants would be more willing to pay on time. The you wouldn’t have the debacle of unpaid accounts you now have. How about contracting with a different collection agency that has their stuff together!

I feel like the city should be trying to work with landlords since we pay taxes on a good number of the properties in this city. Isn’t that ultimately the money that pays our City Manager’s salary? I would like to see that office help us to do our jobs more easily instead of creating more red tape. My properties are nice and I would live in any of them. So why penalize me like someone with an unkempt property? Most of us aren’t slumlords or deadbeats.

Dr. Robert Gatto Jr.