Board wraps paperwork for WAHS plans

Pulling off a school renovation likely to exceed $20 million requires quite a bit of paperwork.

And bureaucracy.

The Warren County School District board of directors took three initial steps in that direction last week by recertifying the district’s master facilities plan and approving PlanCon parts A and B, the first steps in securing reimbursement from the state for the upcoming renovation at Warren Area High School.

Director of Buildings and Grounds Services Dr. Norbert Kennerknecht said that the Pennsylvania Department of Education requires that the district’s Master Facility Plan be no more than two years old.

He said the plan, which he said the “board has been sticking to in its entirety,” was updated through an amendment in 2012.

He said that with the state implementing a moratorium on PlanCon reimbursement for construction projects, he could try to make the argument that the two-year clock on the plan should not be relevant as long as the moratorium is in place but said he would rather re-certify the facilities plan to ensure it is applicable for the WAHS renovation.

That was unanimously approved, as were PlanCon parts A and B.

According to PDE, Part A is “project justification, provides the description of a proposed project and the justification of its need.”

Part B is “a technical review conference of the conceptual drawings, site plan and educational specifications.”

Both of those items were approved unanimously, as well.