City seeking buyer(s) for east side parking lot

The City of Warren is accepting bids for three pieces of property in the Elm St. parking lot by Friday Sept. 5 at 10 a.m.

Warren City Council approved putting the Elm St. parking lot up for sale during it’s June meeting. City Solicitor Andrea Stapleford said at the meeting the sale of the lot has “been a matter of discussion for some time. The survey and legal research has been completed.” Costs incurred in preparing the lots for service came in at $9,000, according to Stapleford.

The city has owned and maintained the parking lot since the mid-1960’s, Department of Public Works Director Mike Holtz said.

Bid packages may be picked up from Stapleford & Byham, LLC at 600 Market Street in Warren or from the city building at 318 W. 3rd Ave. Bids must be addressed to the City Manager, sealed and clearly marked “Elm Street Lot” and will be opened at 10 a.m. on September 5 at the city building.

One portion of the lot is for sale by sealed bid to the highest bidder plus costs of $3,500 with the condition that the “lot would be subject to easements for ingress and egress for all property owners on the north side of the lot.”

Another is for sale in the same manner, also with the $3,500 in costs “subject to a condition that the lot be used for parking.”; and the third portion is for sale in the same manner, with costs at $2,000 “and subject to (an) easement as presently exists as a license agreement… servicing a drive-through operation… with said easement to exist as long as the drive through business exists.”