Board invokes medical transfer exemption

Policy 10102, enacted last year, outlines how students are assigned, and can transfer, to schools in the Warren County School District.

The medical exemption was put to the test for the first time on Monday.

Administration brought before the board four transfer requests during a special meeting on Monday.

Board Vice-president Donna Zariczny expressed a “need to acknowledge that these are only for a one-year transfer or (until) the medical reason ceases to exist.”

“This is our first time I recall voting on transfers coming up under the policy that we adopted roughly a year ago,” Board President Arthur Stewart said. “(The) summaries provided to the board are good (but I am) not sure if it provides all the information I would like as a board member.”

He asked for a more detailed report that “covers that portion of the policy that says not only (the) medical excuse but also that this is the only viable means (to meet educational needs) so that the medical explanation provided to us would provide that greater detail.”

Zariczny said the “biggest concern we have right now (is) inconsistency, not having information to know why educational needs aren’t being met.”

Board members Paul Mangione and Tom Knapp voted in opposition to the transfers, which passed 6-2.