‘Drive-By’ Prayer Service Tuesday

Walk by.

Drive by.

Or, stop by.

No matter your mode of transportation or the amount of time you have free Tuesday, Grace United Methodist Church wants to pray for you and any situation that’s weighing heavily on your heart.

From 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. church staff, parishioners and the public will be inside and outside (weather permitting) Grace Church, 501 Pennsylvania Ave. E., Warren, for “Drive-By Prayer.”

“We are doing this to let people know that God loves them and so do we at Grace,” said Dave Engstrom, a member of the Community Witness Ministry Team at Grace. “It’s our prayer that if one person’s eyes are opened to God’s will for their lives then we consider it a success.”

There will be prayer for concerns, prayer for thanksgiving, and lots of listening – also a part of prayer – for answers.

“Prayer is important because it not only is our way to communicate with God,” Engstrom said, but also to “listen to what God has to say to us.”

Coordinators are sure prayers will be answered, but maybe not in the way some people might believe.

“Prayer is not a wishlist for God to fill,” Engstrom explained, “But, if we are aligned to the truth of His word, He is pleased to answer our prayers.”

The church parish recently had its prayers answered when they prayed for the Rev. Kevin Haley, former pastor, when he had major brain surgery.

“We, at all three of our services, prayed as a whole and also individually,” Engstrom shared, “and he was released five days later from the hospital.”

The Rev. Rich Pearson and the Rev. Seth McClymonds of Grace will participate in the Drive-By Prayer, and those participating hope to further the mission of the church: “To know Christ and make Him known.”