Dear editor:

We just got back from meet the teacher and see the classroom for the kids! What a mess!

Myself, just like every other parent of small children is concerned about the quality of education they will receive at this school only secondly to the children’s safety/well being.

I hope the quality of education will be there, but from what I had seen today I don’t think it will begin on September 2nd. Are we early to move our children into this school or is the contactor late for completion?

Now safety, teachers have to be certified ( background checks, clearances, etc…) and I know they all are, but what about the contractors that are going to be around are children for the next 2-3 months?

Now for well being, seniors sharing “special classes” rooms with kindergartener’s, no playground for the kids until next year, walking outside in the winter to go to computer lab.

Our small children do not need to be exposed to a 17-year-old talking about sex even if they just overhear them.

These are only my concerns of a parent of two elementary students. What about the concerns for the middle school children?

Additionally, every question I had for the teachers and staff was left unanswered with little additional knowledge. There needs to be communication between both parties involved.

In closing, if this was my “project” I would be ashamed of the absolute disaster that this has become. It wasn’t completely thought out, period.

David Anderson