Our opinion: Our melting pot

Look through a keyhole at any town in America and you will see a rich stew of national origins, creeds, races and cultures.

America is an amalgam that contains a smattering of virtually any world culture you can bring to mind.

And, Warren County is no different.

It is what makes us great as a nation. It is what has made America the dream final destination, the safe harbor, the hope for opportunity and freedom for millions, perhaps billions of people over the past three centuries.

Today, the Times Observer takes just a peek at some of the diverse cultures that enrich this place. This year’s Allegheny Magazine inside today is titled “The Melting Pot.”

In it we highlight just some of the cultures that have blended into this stew we call America. Among the stories are those of people who came here to escape oppression that reaffirm this nation’s place as a bastion of safety and freedom.

There are stories written by members of our staff who interviewed immigrants and the progeny of immigrants who have kept the traditions of their ancestral cultures alive and melded them into our society.

There are also first-person accounts of memories and traditions passed on to them by their parents, grandparents and others, people who are keeping those traditions alive.

No, we don’t touch every individual culture or national origin that exists in Warren County, but we touched on the ones you might readily recognize. Keep in mind, this is just a keyhole glance, a vignette of the wonderful stew we call Americans.