Youths finish summer reading at library

Warren Public Library’s Fizz, Boom Read! summer reading program for children has successfully come and gone. We run our programs for eight weeks every summer, and those busy eight weeks go by fast. We had a total of 33 Fizz, Boom, Read! programs which were attended by 1,022 children.

There is always a reading portion of summer reading where children sign up and receive reading logs on which to keep track of books they read – or had read to them – over the summer. This year 109 children returned their reading logs during the designated time frame which was July 21-August 4. All of these children received certificates, drawstring bags, books and other prizes. The names of these children are below. If you know one of these children be sure to congratulate them for reading over the summer and for a job well done. These names will also be turned in to their respective schools in hopes that the children will be acknowledged in some way.

According to the reading logs turned in, a total of 3,052 books were read by those 109 children. Seeing as not all children remember to return their reading logs, and seeing how many books are checked out from the Children’s Department throughout the summer, we know that many children are reading still enjoy the pleasure of reading. The 2015 summer reading theme for children is “Every Hero has a Story” and the focus will be on superheroes, so that will be a lot of fun next year.

Fizz, Boom, READ! 2014

List of children who returned reading lists and received prizes.

Names: Blake Albaugh, Chelsea Albaugh, Brody Alexander, Trent Alexander, Becca Anderson, DJ Anderson, Eddie Anderson, Richard Anderson, Emery Arnold, Courtney Arp, Zachary Ayers, Aubrey Bauer, Austin Bennett, Kristina Birgani, Addison Blair, Colin Blair, Hailey Brewer, Brant Bryan, Ty Bryan, Jordan Cameron, Emma Campbell, Kelsey Campbell, Grace Carlson, Jarius Casey, Carstyn Castillo, Brady Chase, Hannah Chase, Grady Corey, Mikaela Coyle, Dominik Darr, Vance Darr, Paul Eaton, Sophia Fromknecht, Eddie Gearhart, Zoe Gearhart, Isaac Georgakis, Chloe Gess, Liam Gess, Logan Gess, Ella Getner, Julia Getner, Callan Gigliotti, Joseph Gigliotti, Brianna Gravelle, Sophia Hall, Elizabeth Hampsey, Joseph Hampsey, Nathaniel Harris, Cayden Hill, Noah Hill, Brooklyn Holmes, Ariana Hunt, Brody Hunt, Eric Irons, Christopher Joblon, Lucas Joblon, Nicholas Joblon, Emily Johnson, Molly Johnson, Charlie Jones, Adelaide Keeports, Charlotte Keeports, Haley Kent, Peyton Kent, Emma Larsen, Brooklyn Manross, Aiden Martoglio, Caroline Massa, Loralei Massa, Joshua McLean, Izzy McMonigal, Connor Mix, Drake Niemetz, Kaleb Niemetz, Erika Nordstrom, Caden Pangborn, Josie Pearson, Lettie Pearson, Elizabeth Phelps, Emma Lynn Rarey, Adriana Royo, Carly Russell, William Russell, Kayla Saeli, Casey Seymour, Conlan Seymour, Olivia Shaffer, Jack Shaw, Chase Sitler, Jordan Sitler, Rory Smart, Isaac Smith, Katharine Smith, Kara Stoddard, Malia Stoddard, Braelyn Stoner, Daniel Straight, Ellie Straight, Charles Strickland, Emily Sudol, Gracie Tomassoni, Wyatt Trojanowski, Daniel Welker, Owen Welker, Ellise Wilson, Alyssa Wismar, Kierra Wismar, Isaac Zapel, Tesla Zapel.