Prison board mulls contract for inmate meds

The Warren County Prison board is moving forward bidding out prisoners’ prescription drugs.

Warren County Commissioner John Bortz said he had received a letter from Gaughn’s Pharmacy expressing an interest in the program during last month’s Prison Board meeting.

On Tuesday, Warren County Commissioner Chairman Stephen Vanco asked for an update.

County Fiscal Director Paul Pascuzzi said he has requested a list of the top 100 prescriptions before advertising the service for bids.

Commissioner John Eggleston said the contract doesn’t specify prices and that they could change within a month of an agreement unless a contract with a specific timeframe, such as a year long, is signed.

Pascuzzi said there are also criteria that must be met by pharmacies, such as proper packaging and a return policy, which is in place with the current supplier.

The Prison Board also authorized Bortz and Deputy Warden Gregory Deivert to pick one of two bids received for a new refrigerator in the jail’s kitchen. US Food submitted a bid for $12, 159.98 and Curtze submitted a bid for $12,766.

Deivert reported the monthly statistics for the county jail for July; there were 108 total prisoners, 88 were male, 20 were female; 61 were county sentenced and 7 including six males and one female were state sentenced; 27 prisoners had parole violations; seven had work release; nine were held for other authorities; three were held by other authorities; the highest daily population was 116 and the lowest daily population was 99; there were 3,596 total days served and 10,053 meals served.