Dear editor:

As chaos increases at an exponential rate in our own country, let alone the world, this letter is in response to the well-stated letter by Mr. Gillette, Jr. submitted on August 19. My question is, what does God have to do with this? Everything. Our country’s history has been greatly impacted and shaped by evangelical Christianity.

Contrary to suggestions made by secular historians.

With that said, our compromised evangelism in the past 50 years has had a devastating effect on the church, leading up to our present time. Accommodation has replaced truth. I mentioned evangelism because the decadence we see in our culture is a God issue.

Our greatest threat in our culture’s stability is not Democrat vs. Republican disagreements. But, what proceeds from the ideas of secular humanism. We’ve relegated the gospel of Jesus Christ to mere methods, techniques and stories.

Christianity no longer provides the basis for our society. And Christianity no longer provides the consensus upon which law is based. Prior to World War II, something did exist which can rightly be called a Christian ethos, which gave a unique shape to Western society and to America in a definite way.

Now this seems to be gone, and the freedoms that it brought are being destroyed before us. It must be realized that the new humanism and the new theology (liberal) have no concept of true truth absolute truth.

Relativism has triumphed in the church as well as in society. The true Christian, however, is called upon not only to teach truth, but to practice truth; it certainly must be in our day.

What really matters is to love the Lord our God, to love his Son, and to know Him personally as our Savior (Matthew 22:37-40).

There is a growing acceptance of the neo-orthodox existential methodology. There is a growing infiltration of humanistic ideas into both theology and practice. “They exchanged the truth for a lie, and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator” (Romans 1:25).

There is a growing tolerance of pluralism and accommodation. And what has been the response of the evangelical leadership? Keep silent, paper over the differences.

The early church apostles had no money, no methods, no stately buildings, no organization but they turned the world upside down. What the church now requires is not a revival per se, but a reformation.

We don’t need Bibles back in schools, so much as we need fathers at home to instruct their children in the Bible.

God Bless,

Joseph Wiler