Crowley honored by Struthers Theatre

Each summer for the past six years, the staff, trustees and Friends of the Library Theatre host a party for the theatre volunteers. At this year’s picnic, in addition to the fun get-together and chicken barbecue, the trustees awarded, for the sixth time, the theater’s prestigious Peacock Award to Barbara Crowley.

Crowley joined the Warren Players in 1972 where she tried most every job in the organization both backstage and onstage including directing, producing and stage manager. “Everything but business manager or anything that involved reading music,” she said. She was on the Warren Players board of directors for 20 years, mostly as secretary.

She began stage lighting in 1974 at John Check’s urging and mentoring with “Hello, Dolly!” at the Players Community Theater on Water Street. She ran fly lines on the Library Theatre stage during the summer musical era and first ran lights at the theatre in 1997 for the All-County High School Musical. Under Bob Dunham’s mentorship, she studied the complicated world of theater lighting and design. Serving completely as a volunteer, Barbara has given thousands of hours of lighting, design, teaching her craft and just plain hard labor backstage. While she never mentions it, the theatre staff knows that she schedules her family vacations and visits around the schedule of theatre productions. Barb has been the Technical Director of the theatre since 2007.

The Peacock Award was founded by the trustees and staff of the theatre in 2001 when it was first presented to Quinn Smith. Since then there have been only four other recipients: Chase & Mary Putnam, Charles Tranter, Robert Dunham, Jr. and Norman Smith. All have exemplified rare dedication to the theatre, its growth, its sustainability and its future. Each has brought specific critical talents, but all have given decade-spanning amounts of time, effort and devotion. Barbara Jean Crowley is only the sixth person to be so deservedly honored.