Christian women hear program

Warren Christian Women’s Connection held its August “Problem Solving” lunch recently. Prayer favors were small blackboards, each with a math problem. The resource table followed the theme with a hopeful solution for a “Vast Future.”

Speaker Peggy Bermudez from Williamsville, N.Y., asked “How could having it all be a problem?” Problems can be a challenge or an obstacle. She knew as a child that she was loved by Jesus and her parents, but as a teenager, she refused to go to church because of the hypocrisy of many people. Then Jesus became real to her when she saw the play “Jesus Christ Superstar.” Peggy and her husband were married 35 years ago. Both had good jobs with equal pay, so they could travel and buy whatever they wanted. “They had it all!” She was invited to Friendship (Stonecroft) Bible studies, which really helped her to understand Jesus’ love and why He died for us. Peggy became intentionally unemployed. When she found being at home with their children was the best job. Peggy said “Jesus comforts us in all our troubles to allow us to help others. All we need to do is to accept God’s love. God’s love has no boundaries nor limits.”

The special feature was presented by Ruth Gray who explained the history of the religious education program for the Warren County School District.

Doug Penhollow of Jamestown, N.Y., provided lively music.

Vice chairperson Debi Sprague told of coming events. Prayer gatherings are held on the first Tuesday of every month.

The Stonecroft Bible Study gatherings are available.

The Connection meets on the second Tuesday of every month for lunch. All women are invited to this Christian, non-denominational gathering. The next lunch will be on Tuesday, Sept. 9.