Library offers opportunity to learn T’ai Chi

Tai Chi (also written as T’ai Chi, Taiji, Tai Chi Chuan, among others) is a slow-motion, moving meditative exercise for relaxation, health and self-defense. Originally from China, Tai Chi Chuan has gained enormous popularity in America and throughout the rest of the world for its health benefits. Medical research has found evidence that t’ai chi is helpful for improving balance and for general psychological health, and that it is associated with general health benefits. Learning and practicing Tai Chi is such a benefit to adults in many ways. Their lives are enriched by being healthier with better balance, flexibility, vitality, and social interaction with the other people.

The Warren Public Library is pleased to be able to again offer adults the opportunity to experience this form of exercise. Carla Melkonian, the T’ai chi ch’uan instructor at the Jefferson DeFrees Family Center, has volunteered to offer a free introductory session on Thursday, Sept. 25, at 5:30 p.m. in the Slater Room. As a courtesy to Melkonian, the library is requesting pre-registrations by calling the library at 723-4650 no later than Sept. 20. The program will be canceled if there is a lack of interest.