Dear editor:

A plea to all the contractors in this area,

My daughter has contacted many of you asking if you could/would check her house to see what it would cost to repair, if it was even feasible.

Some of you actually showed up, told her you’d call her with an estimate. She never heard from you. She gave you some time, then called to check and either you ignored her or said you would call back later.

Maybe you even told her you would be down the first of the week? Never showed up, never bothered to call and maybe explain why. If you did take the time to go check out what she needed done, and you didn’t want to bother, too much work, or some other reason, couldn’t you at least tell her that so she didn’t sit there waiting for someone to at least give her an explanation, estimate or whatever?

She’s looking for some advice so she’ll be able to make decisions and that’s why she calls the ‘professionals.’ She’s not asking you to work for nothing. But most of you can’t even seem to make a phone call, or even tell her you’re not interested.

Carol Brown