Authority opens bids for inspections, estimates

The Warren County Redevelopment Authority opened four proposals for services needed to facilitate the removal of slum and blighted property conditions, following a Request for Proposals for Professional Services.

The services requested included asbestos inspection, formulating demolition or rehabilitation cost estimates and preparation of work specifications and inspection services for projects involving blighted structures.

County Grants Administrator Lorri Dunlap opened the proposals, which had been submitted in sufficient quantities to allow each authority member a copy. She also gave each member a score sheet package for evaluating the proposals.

The companies or organizations offering the proposals were Stiffler McGraw, Inscale Architects, the Warren Forest Economic Opportunities Council and E&M Engineers of Bradford.

Dunlap noted that the entities selected for the proposals would not be eligible to bid on the actual work.

Once the authority members submit their sheets to Dunlap the scores will be tabulated and reported to the members. A recommendation from the RDA would then be forwarded to the Warren County Commissioners for action.