City Council

Dear editor:

As an outsider who has not lived in Warren County since the late 1960s, I have watched with bemusement at the Warren City Council’s arrogant and ignorant stance against a sign for the Crary Art Gallery. I have lived in many states, traveled the world, and visited many galleries and other entertainment facilities. The one thing I found is that those communities and especially their government officials appreciated the value that galleries added to a community. They recognize the pride these facilities bring to a community and that they are a true asset that attracts tourists.

While on vacation or traveling for work, I always made time to visit a gallery that looked intriguing and inviting and usually it was the signing that enticed me. I have seen some truly incredible things that I would have missed had there been no gallery signs. The original Crary Art Gallery sign looked very inviting and classy. I am sure that most communities would have welcomed the Crary sign with pride and the realization that galleries say a lot about a community to visitors.

The other strange thing to this outsider is that it appears that the Warren City Council does not understand nor value the time and generosity the volunteers bring to their community. By working against the volunteers, the Council is telling future volunteers their service to the community is not valued or appreciated. It makes the Council members appear to be petty, small, and power hungry. Today people research areas before they visit and seeing the Council’s attitude about the city’s attractions would turn off any potential tourists. Why would anyone want to come to a community that does not make it easy to find the best it has to offer?

Tom Taydus

High Point, N.C.