Warren Library faring better financially



The Warren Public Library’s board of directors learned that the library is on as good a financial standing, and perhaps a little better, than this time last year.

Ruth Myer reported at Monday afternoon’s board meeting that the 2013 audit was completed in July by Haines and Associates, with no major funding. Patricia Sherbondy said the Annual Giving campaign stands at $27,154.62, about $2,000 more than this time last year. She said there will be no change in state funding for next year.

Board member John Eggleston said the recent cool weather has helped with the air conditioning malfunctioning, and the AC will be repaired after necessary work on the roof is completed. He said work on the roof repairs has top priority.

Eggleston said the air conditioning work will be re-bid next spring, as the current bids were only good for 30 days.

Board member Annie Thomas asked Eggleston if the AC work would be repairs, or a new unit. He answered, “It makes more sense to replace it.”

Sherbondy said that in years past, a photo had been taken of the board, and she wondered what the current board thought about that. Ruth Zerbe asked if there was a cost involved, and when Sherbondy replied that there was, Zerbe made a motion to end the practice. The resulting vote to stop having the photos taken was unanimous.

Sherbondy told the board that the library was soliciting four-by-six-inch photos from patrons depicting their favorite place to read. She said photos will be displayed in the library during October. “It’s not a competition, but winners will be drawn at random,” she said. The prizes will be $25 Amazon gift cards, for each age group, 5 to 11 years old, 12 to 18 and 19 and older.

Finally, she said that there is a federal grant program using $1.3 million in American Recovery and Investment Account funds to improve connectivity in Pennsylvania libraries.

“It’s first-come, first-served. The deadline is in October, but grant requests will be acted upon as they are received,” she said, adding that a preliminary survey has already be submitted.

“If all goes well, the application will be sent in this week,” she said.