Foreign policy

Dear editor:

The Varvel cartoon (8-14) quoting Obama “The 1980’s…want their foreign policy back.”, with Obama’s feet resting on a very irritated “cold war” bear, prompts the following recollection.

The 1980’s foreign policy did much to improve things, comparing conditions between 1980 and 1992. The Cold War was ended; the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact were dissolved; Iraq was expelled from Kuwait by an international force. But President Bush(41), with a practical sense of limited government, did not seek to overthrow the Iraqi leaders. He also assured the Russians that NATO would not be expanded beyond Germany.

The era of big government and big empires was not over however, and NATO was greatly expanded under Clinton, Bush(43), and Obama to former Soviet Republics. The expanded NATO’s 1999 war with Serbia (Russia’s ally) antagonized Russia and advanced the Caliphate. V. Putin owes his job to this, for within months B. Yeltsin resigned and picked Putin as his successor, as the one best able to serve the interests of Russia.

In July 2008 NATO announced Georgia and Ukraine were being invited to join, while around the same time Bush(43) supported Georgia in a failed attempt to crush its northern rebellion (like now in Ukraine).

With the advent of Obama things got worse both domestically and in foreign policy. H. Clinton’s reset button was actually a demolition button. Asst. Sec. of State Victoria Newland admitted spending $5 billion to sponsor the successful overthrow of the Ukrainian government, which was balking at NATO and EU membership.

As a condition for obtaining international loans the new Ukranian government had to agree to crush the eastern rebellion a very ominous development. The suspected collateral was reportedly flown out of the country.

The new government and its supporters have been violent from the start. There were massacres at Maidan square, Odessa, the Malaysian airliner, and now ongoing violence and expulsion directed at Russian-speaking Ukranians in the east.

Ukraine’s peace and prosperity has long depended on good trade relations with both Russia and countries to the west. Their own internal divisions led to outside domination most of the time since the 1200’s.

President Obama sort of apologized in advance for the USA’s malicious behavior and then doubled down on it. He has turned the USA and Ukraine into rogue nations and failed states.

W. Christian McNeal