Moral decline

Dear editor:

As one tunes into the news each day it is astounding what is taking place around the world not to mention what is happening in our own country. Because I was born at the end of World War II I did not witness the religious, political and ideological divide that lead up to that war? I was however greatly influenced by its aftermath and the impact it had on our country as well as the world.

Post WWII was a wonderful time to grow-up, even though there were many trials and struggles that lay ahead of us. It was a time of relative peace and prosperity as people went about rebuilding there lives after the greatest war the world had ever seen.

It was a time when people went by an un-written creed. That creed had Honor, Truth, Respect and Morality; it was about God, Family and Country. As I’m getting on in years and look around at our country and the world I can’t help but ask, “what has happened, everything has gotten turned up-side-down.”?

We have a president who will not honor our flag, and required a cross to be covered up before he spoke at a university (because it may offend somebody) and then goes around the world apologizing for us as a nation to those we have helper. We have a House of Representatives and Senate that are so out of touch with the people that it is beyond belief. Our Senators and Representatives are more interested in fund raising and there party than they are the people or the country. Our military is being weakened; we are amassing a debt load that is un-sustainable that can only end in economic collapse; we are sanctioning the murder of over a million babies a year; we are now sanctioning what God calls an abomination and we have the audacity to say, “God Bless America.”

What happened to, “God, Family, Country”???

1. God – was thrown out of the country and “we” allowed it.

2. Family – has been decimated by divorce, abortion and homosexuality.

3. Country – has been replaced by party.

So, does this Nation have a future? If we repent of our sin as the people of Nineveh did? The Bible says, “Judgment begins in the house of the Lord.” 1st Peter 4:17

We need to follow 2nd Chronicles 7:14

God Bless and have a nice day.

James A. Gillette Jr.