School transfers

Dear editor:

I applaud the “our opinion” piece published in 8/14/14 edition of the WTO. Since seeing the reports of the school board of directors’ deliberations and actions on the topic, I have been wondering why such a great deal of energy has been devoted to limiting students of the district in their choices of schools.

In my many years of taking care of families in the area I can recall several students whom I’ve known to change schools : WAHS to SHS, WAHS to EHS, EHS to WAHS and EHS to YHS. Every case afforded the students better access to those things which interested them , and in some cases something so simple, yet crucial, as a fresh start and better psycho-social development.

If, as posited by your writer, the motivation is simply to provide a stop-gap to an anticipated wave of transfer requests, I can understand the concern. Wouldn’t it be worth considering, though, to make these options available until which time capacity to provide such becomes a problem?

We have four good high schools. If one seems a better fit to the occasional student than another, and the family of said student are committed to providing transportation, why not be proud that our district can provide that? Why instead would we want to limit the choices to the families of the district?

Paul L Boger, DMD