Night Work

Working through the night, crews milled off about six blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue Thursday evening through Friday morning in downtown Warren.

It was a major piece of an $814,265.05 paving contract that was announced earlier this month by Warren City Council.

In total, the project will cover about 25 blocks throughout the city.

Motorists this week have witnessed similar milling on busy roads such as Lexington Avenue and Fifth Avenue from the Fifth Avenue Bridge east to Market Street, among other locations.

A milling and paving schedule has been posted to the city’s website,

According to Department of Public Works Director Mike Holtz, milling work at a number of locations will continue through Aug. 18, weather permitting.

Other milling projects include: Locust St., Madison Ave. (Hammond to Parker), Madison Ave. (Canton to South).

Irvine St., Lexington Ave. (Cedar to South), Brook St., Fifth Ave. (Market to East).

Other streets being milled are Fifth Ave. (East to Water), Rankin St., Union St., Fourth Ave., Fourth Ave. (Beech to Union), Third Ave., Tuscarora Ave. and Crescent Park.

The paving schedule includes:

This week: Locust St., Madison Ave. (Hammond to Grant).

Aug. 14 and 15 Madison Ave. (Grant to Parker).

Aug. 15 Madison Ave. (Canton to South), Euclid Ave.

Aug. 18 Irvine St., South St., Lexington (South to Linwood).

Aug. 19 Lexington Ave. (Linwood to Cedar),

Brook St., Fifth Ave. (East to Water).

Aug. 19 and 20 Fifth Ave. (East to Market).

Aug. 20 Rankin St., Union St.

Aug. 20 and 21 Fourth Ave. (Union to Beech).

Aug. 21 Fourth Ave. (Beech to Warren).

Aug. 22 Pennsylvania Ave. (Market to Liberty),

Hickory St. (Pennsylvania to Third).

Aug. 25 Third Ave.

Aug. 25-27 Pennsylvania Ave. (Hickory to Laurel).

A ug. 27 Tuscarora Ave.

Aug. 28 Crescent Park, Harmon St.