Our opinion: More candid candidates

If you watch television and pay attention to political advertising you have learned by now that alternately Tom Wolf would ruin Pennsylvania and Gov. Tom Corbett is ruining Pennsylvania and wants to finish the job.

And, thus political television ads, at best, reinforce what you already believe, or prevaricate to the extent that you really don’t know what to believe.

There are three opportunities for prospective voters in November’s gubernatorial election to get a bit more candid information from the candidates themselves outside of a scripted 30-second bite. Whether what they hear during three scheduled debates and forums will simply reinforce their own preconceived notions or actually offer them food for objective decision-making isn’t certain.

What is certain, is that both candidates will appear with one another sans scripting, answer questions and explain their positions on a wide range of state issues. We hope they will refrain from attacks on one another, since that sort of thing seldom produces meaningful information.

The first event, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, will be broadcast on the Pennsylvania Cable Network on Sept. 22. That’s the one that will be streamed here over most cable systems.

The second, a “Breakfast with the Candidates” (provide your own breakfast), will be held in the KYW Newsradio studios in Philadelphia on Oct. 1. KYW newsradio provides a live stream on its website: philadelphia.cbslocal.com.

The third, co-hosted by the League of Women Voters, will be held at WTAE in Pittsburgh on Oct. 8. If your cable provider carries WTAE as a local station offering or you have an antenna that would impress NASA you’re in luck. At this writing the station hasn’t made a decision on whether it will stream the debate on its web site.

We hope voters here will take advantage of at least one of the opportunities to hear the candidates in these forums. All elections are important, and this one is particularly so.