Commissioners get good financial news

Financially, Warren County appears to be in better shape than at this time last year.

Warren County Chief Clerk Pam Matve read the financial report during Wednesday morning’s county commissioners meeting in the absence of Paul Pascuzzi, county financial director.

She said that currently, the county has $680, 657 cash on hand; last year the amount was $281,960. Payable bills total $207,825.

Commissioner Chairman Stephen Vanco said, “The numbers don’t look too bad,” and Commissioner John Bortz added, “Especially for this time of the year.”

Vanco brought up a request from Quickstaff, a local temporary staffing agency, for a contract for mostly clerical workers. Matve noted that an agreement with Accent Staffing is still in effect, and Commissioner John Eggleston noted that the contracts were not exclusive.

Mary Kushner, Warren County Human Services director, discussed next year’s Children and Youth Services and Juvenile Probation Office needs-based plan and budget, noting that the budget would be addressed later.

She said that even though the Juvenile Probation fell under the court’s jurisdiction, it is funded through CYS.

She said the state requires a plan now for 2015-16 funding, and Bortz explained that the plan must include “a narrative which substantiates and articulates why we need the money.”

Eggleston compared it to a building plan that begins with a blueprint, then brings in an architect, and makes an argument as to how it will be funded.