Dragons ask public for help upgrading football equipment

Money is tight when it comes to funding sports programs in the Warren County School District.

Warren Area High School offensive line coach Greg Miller has come up with his own way to provide new practice equipment in the pay-to-play era.

Miller has set up a way to pool money through public donations on the website tilt.com with the goal of purchasing a new five-man blocking sled for his players.

“All the money the kids have raised has to go to new helmets, shoulder pads, things like that. It doesn’t leave us a whole lot for practice equipment.” said Miller, who is entering his fifth season with the Dragons. “Some of our stuff is pretty old and beat up, but you can only ask the parents and grandparents for so much.”

According to Miller, a five-man sled can run anywhere from $2,000 on the low end to $8,000 for the top of the line models. The target set for donations is $4,800, which will include the new sled plus shipping expenses.

A unique aspect of the tilt.com site is that donations are only accepted if the goal is met, meaning no one is charged if less than $4,800 is raised.

As of Monday night, the account had raised $805 with 23 days remaining.

Those wishing to donate can visit www.tilt.com/campaigns/warren-dragon-football-team-needs-your-help. After registering, enter the desired amount and payment information. Charges will only occur once the stated goal has been met.