Paving bids, property bids opened by commissioners


The Warren County Commissioners opened two sets of bids on Monday morning during their work session meeting, a meeting generally held two days before their public meeting to handle housekeeping chores.

Two bids for paving of the courthouse parking lot were opened $22,798 from Lakeshore Paving, and $16,750 from Kingsview Enterprises. Commissioner John Eggleston noted that the Kingsview bid fell below an established threshold level, and said he would review the bids to make sure they were both based on the same requirements.

They also opened four bids for the former district justice office in Youngsville, ranging from a low of $18,000 to a high bid of $30,000. Eggleston said the high bid had some contingencies listed, including bank financing approval.

Paul Pascuzzi, county fiscal director, presented the commissioners with a sample of an assets list for individual county departments that will be handed out to the department heads.

“They (the department heads) will probably give us their Christmas wish lists,” he said.

He said, “It will identify their purchase needs for 2014, 2015 and 2016, plus the importance of the purchases.” Eggleston said the lists will give them a guideline for working on the annual budget.

He noted, however, that the lists didn’t, and could not predict equipment failures and the resulting necessary expenditures. Pascuzzi added that it did include straight-line depreciations of equipment, with different timelines for different expected useful lifetimes of equipment.

Commissioner John Bortz added, “We’re going to have a better handle on purchases.”

Pascuzzi told the commissioners of the benefits of a free membership in the National Joint Powers Alliance, which is budget leverage by the ability to receive a better range of pricing for materials.

County Chief Clerk Pam Matve presented the commissioners a request for a Quickstaff contract, for the hiring of temporary workers. The contract specifies a 30 percent fee of whatever hourly rate a temporary position would pay. She said Quickstaff is a new, local company.

The Salary Board approved the hiring of a part-time office worker for Veterans’ Affairs at a wage of $8.72 per hour.