Dear editor:

There appears to be a new identity to body tattoo: “Tramp Stamp.” However graphic statements as such can be extended figuratively to other aspects of human (?) behavior: Being a bad neighbor via uncontrolled barking dogs.

Such a “stamp” (signature) is hard to understand how people can allow said mayhem about themselves yet feel it is proper. By allowing uncontrolled barking is teaching the dog(s) how to bark as well as adjacent owner-dogs, in chain reaction, that it is ok to “keep on barking,” practice making perfect.

Even with barking inside of the home, sound emanates. And… there is no excuse, “Dog Days of August”. Application to these offenses knows no given month.

Thus for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If you can demonize the ‘neighborhood’ with your classless canines, then police calls are in order to enforce city ordinance, chapter 2, section 202, noise disturbance.

Having possessions carrying degrees of responsibility, children being the ultimate. You can’t get rid of your children but if you can’t handle your dog, they can be disposed of. In Korea, the calling is, “Dog for Dinner-Dragon Stew”.

So… to stew or to stamp?

Always a choice,

John L. Erickson