Battling bugs: COG gets update

At its meeting last Wednesday, the Warren County Council of Governments received an update on some buggy situations.

Tony Martoglio, Allegheny National Forest deputy ranger for the Bradford district, updated the COG on the status of three known pests emerald ash borer, gypsy moths and hemlock wooly adelgid.

“Emerald ash borer is starting to pick up this year,” he said, “starting to kill trees.

“The think about ash on the Allegheny,” he explained, is that it is “not a major component. There (are) places where you have a lot of single trees (but it is) not a major species on the forest.”

But efforts are underway to respond to what is there.

Martoglio said they are “trying to incorporate it into some current timber sales, trying to salvage it.”

As for the gypsy moth, it looks like the ANF got a break.

“The gypsy moth didn’t seem to express itself like it did last year,” he said.

And the hemlock wooly adelgid is here, but not as strong or fast as it could be.

He said those bugs are “showing up (but) not moving like it has in the south or east of here. We have some more plans in place for that that we are preparing ahead of time.”