Treatment plant upgrade proceeding on schedule

The upgrade at the City of Warren sewage treatment plant is right on schedule.

“I’d say were about one quarter of the way through, and we’re still on target to finish to open in the spring or summer of next year,” Mike Holtz, Department of Public Works director, said on Wednesday.

He added that the concrete pouring for the oxidation ditch is about 80 percent complet, and, “We’re in the middle of putting in piping for the clarifiers.”

Workers are also busy on the headworks building, where the sewers from the Clark Street and Sill Street pumping stations, and the gravity-flow southside system will enter the new plant.

The building will be roughly 60 feet square, although it is now surrounded by a round retaining wall to hold back the ground.

The floor slab and some of the walls have been poured, and the surface of the floor is 34 feet below ground level. The slab and some of the foundation walls are four feet thick, Holtz said.

The building below ground will be divided into a wet side, and a dry side for the pumps and equipment.

A crew is also replacing a 50-year-old, 12-inch pipe from the south side of the city with a new 24-inch one.

A crew installing a new line from the Sill Street pumping station drilled 40 feet under the Allegheny River, 600 feet across the river and ended up within five inches from its target on the south side, Holtz said.

The two-year project began last January, and when finished around 10,000 yards of new concrete will have been poured at the facility.