A Voice Remembered

The Warren County Fair gets better and better each year, with more attractions, food and good times.

One thing has changed for the worse, however Dave Whipple isn’t in the 92 Gold broadcast booth with Dale Bliss.

Whipple, who died last January, was a regular fixture at the fair for many years.

Long-time fair board members remembered Whipple this week, with funny stories about his experiences.

“We had all kinds of fun. When the cows and horses came by, Dave would shy to the back of the booth,” fair board president Dave Wilcox reminisced on Thursday, adding that Whipple was not crazy about large animals.

“One year we roped him into the celebrity milking contest, and he tried to milk a cow from an arm’s length plus. If the cow moved, he jumped,” he said. “But he was a good sport about it.”

“He had dietary restrictions because of his health, but he loved the Belgian waffles and elephant ears covered with powdered sugar and cinnamon. His wife always asked him what he had to eat, (and he would be in trouble). So we called them ‘fair salad’. It was a big joke.”

Fellow broadcaster Mark Silvas noted that Whipple’s birthday is Aug. 9, and that he always celebrated it at the fair.

Whipple’s radio partner for many years was Dale Bliss, who is on his third term on the fair’s board of directors. He was on the air again this year, from the booth just outside of the First Niagara Pavilion.

Bliss said, “He had an affiliation with the fair since he first came here. He wouldn’t have relished this personal attention. As boisterous and fun as he was, it was always about entertaining people.”

Wilcox said, “He just loved sitting in the booth and watching people go by.”

“He was a staple here at the fair, no doubt about it and this was absolutely his favorite time of the year. He was New York City born but he passed away a country boy,” Bliss said. “And he had two favorite things about the fair – visiting people and vanilla ice cream…I miss him terribly.”