Bids approved for pool, lot projects

Warren City Council approved bids for two projects during its special meeting on Monday.

The first project encompasses renovations to the municipal pool restrooms.

Department of Public Works Director Mike Holtz said that the city received a grant for $98,000 and provided matching funds in that amount from the general fund last budget year. He explained the city also received two donations from foundations totaling approximately $55,000.

Total cost for the project is $252,943.

“We are a little short,” Holtz said, explaining there is “no contingency line item for this project,” typically 10 percent, or approximately $25,000.

He told council that they will be “going to cut into a 1967 building, but you never know what you’re going to find.”

Holtz said the general contract low bidder was Remco for $136,000. Several other smaller contracts, each for specific portions of the work, were awarded as well.

He explained that the majority of the work is in the restrooms, lifeguard station and first aid station in addition to some other smaller components.

Councilman Gregory Fraser asked where the contingency money would be coming from.

Holtz said he would recommend that it come from fund balance.

He said work will “start when the pool closes” and that the “hope is to have it wrapped up before Halloween so it is good to go for next spring.”

City Manager Nancy Freenock said she has instructed staff to go back to the foundations to explore whether contingency funding might be available from those sources.

Bids were also awarded for the repaving of the municipal building parking lot and the Department of Public Works garage access areas.

Holtz said that the low bidder was Lakeshore Paving of Jamestown, N.Y., in the amount of $82,135.

“This work will be done before the end of this season,” he said.

The lot at the municipal building will be more than just repaved, though.

“We’re going to take the opportunity to get rid of the railroad ties out in the middle of the (municipal) lot,” he said, and will put barriers around the lights. The change will allow better pedestrian movement in the lot as well as easier plowing.

Holtz said that work would be done by DPW staff.

Both sets of bid awards were approved unanimously.