WWII stories

Dear editor:

As a reader of the Times Observer I have throughly enjoyed reading the ongoing article, World War II: Through the eyes of our Local Veterans. Being a grandson and grandnephew of my relatives that served during the conflict I can say that they were part of the ‘Greatest Generation’. I have always been an avid reader of military conflicts all over the world. The Second World War is most certainly my favorite chapter in the history of our world to explore. Though it was not the finest time to live in it was the moment for many men and woman whom rose to reach goals and set high standards for future generations.

Reading the stories of these veterans, I believe, could teach younger generations of citizens about what it means to put yourself in a positions to help meet a greater goal bigger than yourself. Future citizens who are planning on enlisting into our nation’s armed services can reflect on these gentlemen’s stories to remind themselves what serving your country is all about.

Thank you,

C R Alekson