Dear editor:

Like most people, I just look over my taxes and pay them – what other options are there? When the taxes came this year I looked them over more thoroughly as I recalled an article in the Warren newspaper (from 12/10/2013) where Youngsville claimed to be “holding-the-line” on real estate tax increases for 2014. It’s true, they did, but in 2013 their real estate taxes went up by (15.2%) percent from the 2009 levels.

Brokenstraw township real estate taxes, from 2009 to 2013, went up by only (3.1%) in 2013. For 2014 they’ve “held-the-line”. If anyone deserves bragging rights maybe it should be them.

School taxes in Youngsville, from 2009 through 2014, have gone up by (19.3%) percent and Brokenstraw school taxes, through the same period, have gone up by (10.6%) percent. That’s quite a variation, considering that most all Brokenstraw children probably go to Youngsville schools.

Bottom line – there is none – just food for thought. Get your taxes in before the end of September and avoid those delinquent penalties, on the “at par” taxes, which amount to (10%) percent. If you pay before the end of September you get a giant (2%) percent discount, or 2 cents on the dollar savings, on both real estate and school taxes. That likely won’t fill up your vehicle gas tank but might cover your mower for a couple summer months.

Dennis Corey