Israel, Palestine

Dear editor:

We read with great interest the letter to the “Readers Forum” by the Himbers. Like the Himbers, we are disgusted with the massacre of the women and children in Gaza. As of this writing, over 1100 Palestinians and 50-plus Israelis have died. to us, a life is a life. I doesn’t matter what religion, what color, what ethnic background or unborn. We are amazed that people will fight to stop abortion, even kill the doctors, but then let this senseless killing go on in the name of Israel.

In 2009 we were fortunate enough to visit the West Bank (not Gaza) for two weeks. It opened our eyes to many things we had only seen and heard on TV and had little or no understanding of. In our opinion, the on-going pursuit of gaining land in Palestine by Israel is outrageous.

For example, “settlement” means the continued building of houses in areas that were not given over in the 1949 agreement or at the end of the 1967 War. “Home demolition” means just that: they bulldoze your home if it isn’t up to code. We sat in a Red Cross tent that a family of five were living in; they had very little. the mother had just taken the three children to school and the father was handcuffed and made to watch them bulldoze his home. The home was not permitted correctly and it would cost approximately $40,000 US dollars to obtain the proper permit.

Maybe it is time to turn off the TV and take a real look at the world around us. Is there a large difference between religious Israel and political Israel? How does a population by the Jews turn around after all they went through in the Holocaust and do what they do? Has anyone been to Bethlehem lately? The Christian population in the Holy Land is declining rapidly. Soon the only Christians in the Holy Land will be tourists.

As followers of Jesus Christ (the Prince of Peace), shouldn’t we try to follow his commandments? How about “love your neighbor as yourself?” And the, “who is your neighbor?”

It has been said that the Jews owned the land many years ago. what if the Indians came back to your home and said my ancestors owned this land many years ago and so now it is mine?

Let’s put a stop to all wars! If the military draft of the 1960s was reinstated would it help? I’m sure the do-nothing Congress would be doing something to protect their children and grandchildren.

Peace be with you,

Richard L. Lyle

Patrice E. Lyle