Downtown gas line work gets underway

A gas main serving the businesses along Liberty Street in Warren will be replaced over the next few weeks.

The old steel pipe that serves 32 Liberty Street businesses has been repaired on a patchwork basis for decades. A new 1,440-foot stretch of four-inch plastic pipe will “eliminate the patches and clean everything up,” according to Allegheny Contracting Superintendent Jesse Sorg.

Allegheny, out of Ridgway, is doing the work for Columbia Gas.

The main line work in Midtown Lot will take about two weeks. Installing individual services will take about four more, according to Sorg. There will also be some work at Second and Third avenues that will limit traffic to one lane near the intersections with Market Street.

The Midtown Lot will not be closed for the construction.

“While we’re working in the parking lot, it will be open and we’ll work with people to help them get in and out,” he said.

For businesses on the west side of the street, Allegheny will work in an alley behind those buildings.

The new line will run under Midtown Lot and in the alley for two reasons, “so we’re not tearing up the main street and to keep the meters behind the buildings so it’s not an eyesore,” Sorg said.