Warren man gets state sentence

A Warren man is facing 72 to 144 months in a state correctional institute on charges of felony aggravated indecent assault and misdemeanor assault.

Robert Alvin Parsons, 48, pleaded no contest to both charges, and both the victim and her mother testified before Judge Gregory Hammond sentenced him.

The victim said, “I have never hurt this way before. You took trust and hope away from me. I cannot have a normal conversation with males. I have to force myself to get up and get dressed every day.”

Her mother said, “She could no longer live in this area because of your sick and twisted needs. You don’t care to this day.”

Parsons told Hammond, “I accept responsibility, but I was not totally at fault,” which the judge disagreed with.

In addition to prison, he ordered Parsons to pay $2,000 in fines and fees, submit to DNA testing, to receive sexual offender counseling while incarcerated and to register as a Megan’s Law Tier Three offender, which is a lifetime designation.