Super’s contract clarified

Last month, Warren County School District Superintendent Dr. William Clark was given a two percent raise in line with his contract.

During its special meeting on Thursday, the school board amended his contract to indicate that subsequent raises are “not (a) mandatory two percent in each subsequent year,” according to Board President Arthur Stewart.

The amendment, not posted publicly on the school board’s meeting website, clarified that point.

Stewart explained the amendment was originally raised by labor council.

“When we hired the superintendent a year ago, the contract we signed then called for a two percent increase at the one year anniversary based on how he performed,” he said. “We were in a competitive situation with another district. One way we could make ourselves competitive (was we) could guarantee an increase, roughly a cost of living increase at least on the one year anniversary.”

The amendment approved Thursday, is an effort “to make sure it is understood” that annual two percent raises are not part of the contract, said Stewart.

“The amendment spells that out,” he said. “We’re free to do zero, five percent, ten percent, whatever percent (on) the subsequent anniversaries.”

The contract revision was approved unanimously.