Not many bonus doe licenses are left for local region

When bonus doe licenses are offered starting Monday, hunters in Warren County will be lucky to find them.

As of close of business Thursday, only 150 doe licenses remained for Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 2F and WMU 1B was completely sold out.

Combined, the two units that split Warren County started with 57,000 tags.

Those tags went on sale on July 14 for residents and July 28 for non-residents. If any licenses remain Monday, hunters who have already been awarded doe licenses will be eligible for first-round bonus tags.

The 2F tags remaining at 5 p.m. Wednesday will probably dwindle even further by Friday afternoon.

According to Warren County Treasurer Dennis Munksgard, almost 1,800 tags sold in a four-hour period last week, including the last 1,270 in WMU 1B.

As with the first round of doe license sales, applications must be mailed to a county treasurer in the pink envelopes that were enclosed in packages sent with hunting licenses.

Applications received before Monday will be sent back.

Wherever licenses are unsold, a second round of bonus tags will be offered starting Monday, Aug. 18.

Doe licenses and first-round bonus tags will be mailed out to successful applicants on Monday, Sept. 8. Second-round tags would be mailed on Monday, Sept. 22.