Dear editor:

After a number of meetings kicking the can down the road the City of Warren is embarking on a journey into the known? Why any City in the United States depends upon parking fees to raise money is beyond any human understanding.

Many very large cities have created an albatross costing millions of dollars to run and are trying to find a way out of their mess. Yet we intend to go full steam ahead and tweak as necessary. City Council will find out in the not too distant future that they will be spending all their time on parking and it will become one of the most expensive departments of all city expenditures.

How much consideration was given to putting a parking garage in it’s present location and why does it have so many spaces available? Why do we have to lower rates to make parking more attractive? Why do we find that a major overhaul of the building is in order to assure the garage will remain standing? Where will the City house the newly created parking authority department and how many members will it take to assure the smooth running of the department? Perhaps someone should look into the serious problems other cities are having before the order is placed for the new meters. We all know money is not plentiful and with the serious drop in the tax rolls by so many people leaving the area it does not appear that the problem will be getting any better.


Tom Korn,