Meters on the way

Now that the new parking ordinance has been approved by Warren City Council, a plan to install parking meters is in place.

City Intern Greg Wilson said, “On-street meters are to be installed throughout the month of September, block by block.”

“New multi-space pay stations in the Midtown Lot are estimated to be installed over the last two weeks of September,” he added.

Likely, some combination of both Department of Public Works and sub-contracted crews will be used to complete the installation in the timeline, Wilson said. “The pay stations in the Midtown Lot will be installed by the manufacturer that is the successful bidder.”

“The level of enforcement staffing will evaluated as the new system progresses and will be responsive to issues that arise. If a review of tickets, workload (and) area shows that more staffing is needed, that would be a step that would be taken to ensure that the city is responding to the right needs in the right places,” he said.

The traditional meters will be purchased through COSTAR (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s cooperative purchasing program).

“The multi-space meter paystations are currently open for bid, which are due Aug 4 at 4 p.m.. The bid appeared in last Thursday’s Times Observer, and we invited the major manufacturers in the U.S. as well. At least three have shown interest in the bid. A copy of the bid with specs and info is available at,” Wilson said.