DCED regional rep visits Youngsville

A representative from the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) spent Wednesday, July 23, touring Youngsville.

The tour started at the Allegheny Artistry and the group walked the length of project area, which consists of Railroad Street and East Main Street from the intersection of North, West & East Main Streets to Bates Street viewing what is planned, meeting new business owners, learning about Youngsville’s business zoning and seeing the nine new business facades. At the end of the tour they stopped for frozen yogurt cones at the Galley Restaurant.

DCED Acting-Director Schmidt said, “I like to visit the communities to see first-hand what needs to be done. I know what it means to come from a small town because I came from one, too.” She mentioned how, in small towns, everyone knows everyone and treats strangers like they’ve been there forever. Small towns cultivate a tight sense of community where everyone is ready to help each other out.

Schmidt offered suggestions and advice to the ROY committee, saying that the Brokenstraw Creek flowing through town is a real asset and should be promoted.

As part of its revitalization project, Youngsville volunteers, along with the local government, for the past ten years have regularly been implementing strategies aimed at fixing up a deteriorating downtown and improving and developing the economy.