Students provide the art; Patients provide the umph

Motivation comes in many forms.

When recovering from an injury, an individual’s motivation is often being able to get back to doing the things he or she used to do.

For young patients, a return to high school sports could be the goal.

For some patients, maybe community spirit would help.

At RehabWorks at Warren General Hospital, officials combined goals to provide motivation and to involve the community in having some work done.

In March, coaches and players from Warren Area High School’s football team painted the walls throughout RehabWorks.

In May and June, art students from Eisenhower, Sheffield, Warren and Youngsville high schools, plus Warren County Christian School and Tidioute Community Charter School painted murals of their schools and mascots.

“Although we are based in Warren, our services are designed to help individuals from all around Warren County and the surrounding areas. It all comes back to the community,” Director of Rehabilitation Dan Grolemund said. “These beautiful murals reflect each school’s mascot, colors, school spirit, and individuality. These kids put in a lot of hours.”

The response from the schools was enthusiastic.

“The principals all came through,” Grolemund said.

“The schools responded immediately to our request,” Director of Patient and Public Relations Holli Wolfe said. “RehabWorks now proudly displays all of the schools’ mascots. The students put forth a lot of time and dedication to complete the project and did an extraordinary job.”

There are other motivational images.

“We didn’t want to leave anybody out,” Grolemund said. “Whatever they enjoy in their lives, whether they are doing traditional sports like baseball, football, and basketball, or other enjoyable activities like fishing, hunting, skiing, hiking, bocce, golf, bingo, knitting, reading… our goal as a department is to help return individuals to the activities they love.”

In addition to the school murals there are blue silhouettes of bowling, golf, fishing, running, and kayaking.

And, there are Fatheads of Troy Polamalu, Sidney Crosby, Andrew McCutcheon, Penn State, Pitt, Cleveland Browns, and Buffalo Bills.

“Our new theme of our department is ‘Athletes Through the Ages’,” Grolemund said. “We’re going to have an ‘in-house’ open house” for patients, families, and staff.

A community open house is also in the works. “We’d like to have everyone come down here,” he said.

Students who participated were:

Tidioute Community Charter School: Morgan Molek, Brian Faulkner, Samantha Veasey

Youngsville High School: Kassie Hollabaugh, McKenzie Harrington, Morgan Josephson, Susan Rose, Piper Olsen

Sheffield High School: Sabrina Spencer

Eisenhower High School: Carly Martone, Sidney Wallin, Courtney Jewell, Samantha Dalrymple, Jacob McCool

Warren Area High School: Kaitlin Ishman

Warren County Christian School: Kyra Keeler