Ready … Or Not

While the intent was to have the Eisenhower K-12 complex completely ready to welcome students on the first day of school, it isn’t going to quite make it.

Dr. Norbert Kennerknecht, director of buildings and grounds for the Warren County School District, told the school board’s Physical Plant and Facilities Committee on Monday that the auditorium at Eisenhower is “something that is going to be a delay.”

Committee Chair Donna Zariczny said, “With the new seating, (it) will not be up and running at the beginning of the school year. It’s coming.”

Kennerknecht said that part of the delay is the need to tear up and replace the roof and that workers will need a period of time without rain to complete that job.

He did tell the committee that staff started moving into three of the classrooms Monday morning and will continue to move into sections as they are completed.

Other work continues over the summer at Eisenhower. In a photo presentation, Kennerknecht said there are currently no bleachers in the gym, which has now been painted with window replacements forthcoming.

At Beaty-Warren Middle School, Kennerknecht said that just minor items stand between the district and project completion, things like painting and flooring.

He said his intent is to have that project completely finished by the start of school.

Zariczny asked if the district will have paperwork to complete on the back end. Kennerknecht said it would, including PlanCon part J and K, the process required for state reimbursement for the project.

He explained that part J takes “several years” to complete and includes a full justification of the project as well as an audit.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, part J is the “final accounting for the project.”

Part K is “Project refinancing used if a reimbursable bond issue is refunded, refinanced or restructures.”

At Sheffield, Kennerknecht said completion of the K-12 project is slated for the January semester break.

“We’re on time to do that,” he added.

Regarding the Warren Area High School renovation, he said the educational specification plan should be ready for the school board’s August committee meetings.