Garden clubs join together for program

Joyce Milberg, District VIII Director of the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania attended the joint picnic of the Warren Garden Club and the Hill and Dale Garden Club of Sugar Grove recently at Betts Park.

“Why Attend District Conventions and Meetings” was the topic of Milberg’s after lunch talk. These meetings bring together people with similar interests so new friends can be established and nurtured. Workshops provide new learning opportunities; tour experiences are exceptional; the food is great; and there are always vendors for shopping.

Each district of the GCFP hosts a convention. District VIII will host the 2015 convention in Erie at the Bayfront Convention Center in April. Spectacular food, programs and tours are planned.

Each local garden club president briefly outlined their club’s programs and major projects. Eleanor Johnson, Hill and Dale’s vice president, told of sharing garden therapy with the residents of the Rouse Home and plans to sell plants at Lottsville Days in August.

Louise Dyer, Warren Garden Club’s president encouraged attendance at the club’s all day seminar “Triple Bloom” to be held on Thursday, Oct. 23, at Warren Holiday Inn. Three outstanding speakers will share expertise on increasing your brain power, dramatic floral arrangements and the art of flowers.

All gardeners were invited to tour the Master Gardener Demonstration Gardens located in the park. Sue Barone, a Master Gardener, was on hand to answer questions about the project and the various plants displayed.