Israel, Gaza

Dear editor:

I have been following the slaughter in Gaza with increasing alarm and revulsion. I have been doing research on the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine for almost 30 years. I became interested in Israel/Palestine after reading the US Catholic Bishops Peace Pastoral in 1986. The more I read and the deeper I dug into the history of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, the greater the disconnect I found between what was being told in the mainline press and broadcast media, and the actual facts. Puzzled, I dug deeper and discovered an unholy alliance between our country and a militant, expansionist Israel.

I discovered that Israel possessed nuclear weapons but refused to acknowledge it, and refused to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. I discovered that Jewish terror groups such as the Stern gang, used terrorist tactics to drive the indiginous Palestinian population from their homes in 1948, and have continued to steal Palestinian land and drive them from their homes to this day.

Worse yet, all this is done with the wide eyed approval of our government. We have given over $130 billion to Israel, making us the financiers of the illegal occupation. Todays military onslaught, the slaughter of mostly defenseless women and children in Gaza, under the guise of punishing terrorists is just the latest chapter. We, as citizens of the US, are complicit in this war crime. As citizens of the US and members of faith communities which claim to respect life, the onus is on us to speak out.

Pope Paul VI said it succinctly, “If you want peace, work for justice.”

Gaza has been called the world’s largest open air prison. It is a slum of almost 1.8 million people who are confined to an area of 139 square miles, about 1/3 the size of the city of Los Angeles. Blockaded by land and sea since 2006 they are being suffocated and starved while the world watches.

Some years ago, my wife Margie also began reading and learning about this illegal militarty occupation. We are baffled as to why the world continues to allow this Palestinian holocaust to continue?

Neil V. Himber

Margaret L. Himber