Sheffield Area News in Brief

Barnes Annual Picnic

The community of Barnes will be having its annual picnic on Sunday, Aug. 24 at 1 p.m. at the Sheffield Lions Club.

Sheffield Hospitality


The menu for the week will be: Monday, tuna noodle or chicken noodle casserole, vegetable and ice cream sundaes. Thursday brings our second ‘Picnic’ Birthday event with hamburgers, potato salad, relish plates and birthday cake and ice cream. Friday’s buffet will feature hot roast beef sandwich and mashed potatoes among an array of entrees and Jell-o for dessert.

The highlights for the week will be, Monday have your blood pressure taken by Sue from Kane Home Health from 10 a.m. to noon; this is a free service the fourth Monday of each month, we even keep a listing for you. Tuesday is our long-awaited boat trip aboard ‘Miss Buffalo’ for a luncheon cruise then set out for a cruise on Lake Erie. The Buffalo-Erie County Botanical Gardens will be your next stop for a tour or to explore on your own. Time to visit with friends at Braymiller’s Market for vegetable shopping or have an ice cream treat before settling back for your return home.

Wednesday, we are off to Erie shopping with friends for the day, a nice lunch together then home, there are still some seats remaining if you would like to join us.

Our second picnic of the summer will feature a homemade lunch, with a special birthday cake, drawing for a fresh flower arrangement, and our monthly 50/50 drawing. After lunch enjoy games of ‘Bingo’ for an afternoon at the Center. Next month the picnic will be at the Rod & Gun Club on Bull Hill with the game of ‘Rip-off’ after lunch of grilled hot dogs and corn on the cob.


New Orleans payments due in full by Aug. 1.

We have scheduled Miami and Key West, Fla., for 2015 as well as New York City and 911 Museum.


Fall sports registrations are now being taken at the office at the SAMSHS cost is $50 for varsity sports and $25 for junior high. This includes football, varsity volleyball, cheerleading, and girl’s junior high basketball. The office is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sports physicals need to be completed prior to the first practice in the fall, which is Aug. 11.

Frosty Chalet Cruise-in

There will be a cruise-in at the Frosty Chalet in Tiona the last Wednesday of each month sponsored by the Gold Wing Road Riders Association. There will be free soft serve cones and food specials to all who participate and plaques at the end of the season for many categories.

Class of 1964

50th Class Reunion

On July 18-20, alumni from the class of 1964 met for a weekend of laughter and memories.

Classmates traveled from Florida, Kansas, Arizona, Ohio, Texas, Missouri, New Jersey, Virginia and Pennsylvania to attend the events. Many were present at the mixer sponsored by the Sheffield Alumni Association on Friday night. Saturday evening a dinner prepared by Cindy Grubbs was enjoyed by all at the Sheffield VFW. The blessing was given by Frank Brush. Dessert was an assortment of filled cupcakes baked by Nancy Edmiston.

Gerry McGuire, senior class president, spoke briefly to welcome and thank those who attended. A nostalgic quiz which included class history, news headlines, sports, TV and music trivia all from 50 years ago was taken by the classmates, and the prize winners were Stevie Harris Lata, a replica of the old Sheffield High School; and John O’Donish, an afghan donated by Mary Jo Pastrick Eckstrom. Sunday morning those who were able, met at the Holiday Inn, Warren, for a brunch and one last chance to spend time together before saying goodbye.

Ruth M. Smith Center

Ruth M. Smith Center residents are very busy and happy people. They recently took a trip to Erie Zoo, and then had dinner at Olive Garden. This was made possible by craft shows they had, car wash and donations from several individuals and organizations in the area.

Then they helped Ed Lloyd, the maintenance man, make a new picnic table. They all had turns at learning how to drill holes and put screws in. The weather was very hot that day and they all worked so hard, but were very proud of their accomplishment. They hope to help build another one sometime in August. They are looking forward to the Sheffield Fireman’s Festival, as they will have a float in the parade. The next trip they hope to take will be to Pittsburgh, to visit the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, ride the Gateway Clipper and have lunch at an Italian restaurant.

Sheffield Township


The Sheffield Township Supervisors met on July 21 with several citizens of Horton Avenue in attendance. The residents were all addressing their concerns with the recent flood and what the township can do to help them with this situation, in hopes that it won’t happen again. The supervisors informed those residents that PennDOT is applying for emergency permits to dredge underneath and along the banks of the bridge on Main Street beside the fire department in hopes that this will open up the area for a better flow of water. The residents questioned the bridge on Horton Avenue as well, and the supervisors will ask PennDOT to add this area to the dredging as well.

The citizens each addressed the problems at their property and the costs of the damages to the water getting into their homes. The supervisors expressed their sympathy to them for their losses and will do whatever to help alleviate the problem, however it is a 50-year flood that occurred and let’s hope it doesn’t happen again for a least another 50 years.

It was a request that the police be more present in and around town. Also it’s a PA state law that children under 12 years of age are to be wearing a helmet when bicycling, however, this is not enforced in town. The supervisors will have the chief speak with the children at the playground program on the helmet law. It was also mentioned that the parents are supposed to be making sure their children are wearing helmets.

The Epstein Monument was discussed with a concerned citizen asking for the cleaning up of the wall that is an eyesore. The supervisors stated that the secretary will be in contact with the property owner beside the monument for permission to clean up this wall and apply some kind of paint to make this area more presentable and respectful of the Epstein Family.

The owners of the Cedar Apartments on South Main Street were present requesting help with a drainage ditch out back of the apartments. They stated that there is standing water, due to the drain that the township owns by the Tionesta Park. The supervisors will have the road crew clean out this ditch and level it properly for the water to empty out of it.

Another concerned citizen was asking why Mr. Dilley, who is a volunteer EMT, has to make up his time when he is called away from his job as a township employee to attend an emergency. The supervisors informed this citizen that this is an agreement between Mr. Dilley and the township prior to his hiring. This citizen also wanted to know why there are no handicap access at the corners of any of the streets in Sheffield Township like Clarendon has put in place. The supervisors stated that they will review the American Disability Act for clarification of these areas.

A volunteer fire department member asked the supervisors why the road crew doesn’t plow out the fire department first during the winter months. The supervisors informed him that there is a procedure in place for which streets get plowed first and the fire department is done when they are complete with the streets for school buses and citizens to get to work. This will be discussed prior to winter to change the order that the plowing is done.

It was asked why the fire hydrants are no longer flushed out, the supervisors stated it is the municipal authority that takes care of this along with the fire department. The volunteer fire department member stated that this has not been done for several years, and there is a lot of sentiment in the system now. The supervisors will send a letter to the authority addressing their concerns.

City of Warren forwards the following list of building permits for the months of June and May: Charles Seeinger electrical upgrade; Craig Bowley, for a new garage; American Tower Corp., for building permit; Russ Holden, for a demolish permit.

Aug. 6-8 the football team will be having heat acclimation practice from 5 to 8 p.m. at Memorial Park.

During our Movie Night on Friday, June 27 Elizabeth Tipton from Adiago Health spoke to the people in regards to “Young Lungs at Play” which is a campaign to make all playgrounds tobacco-free zones in our township. With that being said Resolution No. 423 establishing Tionesta Park and Memorial Park as a Tobacco Free Zone in Sheffield Township was reviewed, but tabled to the next meeting.

Movie Night was a success and the supervisors approved another Movie Night on Friday, Aug. 15, this will be a kick-off for the Fireman’s Festival and a closing to the Summer Playground program. Popcorn and drinks will again be offered for a small price.

Coming Events

Sunday, July 27: Sheffield Rod & Gun 3D Shoot

Aug. 17-23: SVFD Fireman’s Festival

Aug. 24: Sheffield Rod & Gun 3D Shoot

Aug. 30: SAMSHS Wolverine football season first home game against Ridgway at 1:30 p.m.

Sept. 3: First Day of School for Warren County School District

Sept. 20-21: Fire Police hosting meeting

Sept. 21: Sheffield Rod & Gun 3D Shoot

Oct. 10-12: Johnny Appleseed Festival

Nov. 1: Sheffield Rotary Multiphasic Blood screening