WGH participates in program tracking infection prevention

Over the past year, Warren General Hospital participated in a Highmark quality program called “Quality Blue”. The program was a voluntary program which focused on two key healthcare infection prevention measures. The quality measures specifically monitored during the fiscal year 2014 included Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections (CLABSI) and Surgical Site Infection (SSI).

During the course of the program Warren General was required to document all infections that occurred due to CLABSI and/or SSI. WGH implemented new policies and techniques over the course of the project resulting in a CLABSI rate of zero percent, meaning no infections occurred. WGH exceeded the benchmark in this category compared to other facilities in the study. The SSI rate was documented as 0.69 per 100 operative procedures. Generally speaking, this meets the benchmark in accordance to other facilities who also participated.

Douglas Megill, M.D., chief of clinical operations at WGH, said, “Overall the project was a success. For WGH, the objective of participating in this voluntary program was to create a culture of safety and implement improved ways to prevent infections.”

Kathryn Carlson, the program manager and director of case management at WGH, said, “We choose to participate because of our commitment to improving and maintaining quality standards that lead to excellent care for WGH patients.”