Reward fund growing

Warren County Commissioner Chairman Stephen Vanco said at Wednesday morning’s meeting that the Freehold Township supervisors added $500 to the reward money offered for the arrest of those responsible of the theft of veterans’ markers from cemeteries in Sheffield.

Paul Pascuzzi, county fiscal director, said he had been approached by another municipality along the same lines, and said he had suggested the matter of donations to the reward be brought up during the next Council of Governments (COG) meeting.

In other business, bids for three parcels of land in Youngsville were accepted by the commissioners.

Warren County Treasurer Dennis Munksgard said the three were on a tax-repository sale, where he had set the minimum bid at $250 to cover the costs leading up to the sale, although Vanco noted that the bids were $400 for each of the parcels for a total of $1,200.

They had not sold at previous tax sales, and Munksgard said the idea was to return them to the tax rolls at no expense to the county.

Repository sales require the agreement of other taxing bodies, and he said Youngsville had already signed off on the deal.

The commissioners also voted for a resolution to give Vanco signature authority to authorize the disbursement of a grant to fund the sobriety/DUI checkpoints. In most cases, all three commissioners would sign agreements.

Mary Kushner, county Human Services director, noted that during a checkpoint on the Fourth of July, 400 cars were stopped and no drivers were found to be under the influence. “It looks like the word is getting out,” she said.